“Under the Wire” Released for Kindle

Sigh. Looks like it’s been almost a month since my last post here: too much work and not enough reading time (along with not picking up anything I’ve really been inspired to finish). However, in a convenient coincidence, I just found out that one of the books I mentioned in my last post, Under the Wire, by William Ash and Brendan Foley, has just been released as a Kindle e-book. Better yet, it’s available via the Amazon Prime lending library, so I think I may be downloading it soon for my December “freebie”.

From the Amazon.com blurb:

The bestselling true story of an American Spitfire pilot and legendary prisoner of war escape artist.

Bill Ash went from hobo to hero as he joined up via Canada to fly Spitfires for the RAF in 1940. Shot down over France in 1942, the Resistance helped him on the run until the Gestapo caught and tortured him, then sentenced him to death as a spy. He was rescued on the eve of his execution by the Luftwaffe and put in legendary Great Escape camp Stalag Luft III. Bill thanked his captors by escaping a dozen times, over the wire with ladders, under the wire in tunnels or sometimes straight though it with home made wire cutters. Bill became one of the greatest ‘escape artists’ of the war, risking all for that elusive ‘home run’. Bill Ash was the real life ‘Cooler King’ a role portrayed by Steve McQueen in The Great Escape, but as Bill pointed out “In the real war, there was never a motorbike around when you needed one,”

Bill’s adventures took him from the United States to Canada, Britain, France, Germany, Poland and Lithuania. He was described by one reviewer as “a cross between Huck Finn and Jack Kerouak on a wild, unauthorized tour of Occupied Europe”. This e-book edition is published to celebrate Bill’s 95th birthday.

While I’m not particularly a fan of video promos for books, since it’s in the spirit of the season and for such a good memoir, here you go…

Happy birthday and Merry Christmas, Mr. Ash! (And thanks for the heads up, Mr. Foley.)