Nice Trick for Web Search from the Kindle

I just learned a useful trick for searching the web for something encountered while reading on my Kindle. (I’ve only tested this on my K3, but I understand it works on the K2, not sure about the K1.) The trick is simply to highlight the text you want to search on (either Google or Wikipedia), then pressing the space bar on the keyboard. This pops up a dialogue window with the selected text already “pasted” into it. All you need to do at that point is to use the 5-way control to move the cursor to the right so that you can click on either the Google or Wikipedia button, which will then take you to that site with the specified search term/phrase already entered. (Note that you can edit the selected text in the pop-up window before submitting it.)

1. Select the text via the 5-way as usual:

higlight the text

2. Press the space bar:

press the space bar

3. Move the cursor to the desired web site button:

select the web site

4. Et voila: