KindleMinds blog may move, or just go away

I just received an email from the Amazon associates program (what supposedly can make me a little money if you buy something from them via links from this site, but frankly at best might pay for the web hosting if I’m lucky).

Dear Associate, We’re writing from to remind you about our policy of not permitting Amazon trademarks (including the trademark “Kindle”) to be used in domain names. We sincerely appreciate your enthusiasm for Kindle, but under trademark law, we have a responsibility to watch how others use Amazon’s trademarks. In addition, we want to avoid confusion from customers who see the name and wrongly assume the Web site and its content is sponsored or written by Amazon. By requesting that you use another domain name, we are attempting to make sure that there is always a clear distinction between the official “Amazon” site and other third party sites. For more information, please review the Associates Program Operating Agreement:

Please choose a new domain name and transfer your content to that name. Amazon will purchase your domain KINDLEMINDS.NET for the initial registration price, provided that you agree to not register any domains containing Amazon brands, or a misspelling of those brands, in the future.

We value our relationship and appreciate your cooperation and prompt attention to this matter. If you have any questions or wish to discuss the matter, please use the Contact Us form available on Associates Central or by following this link:

While I think this is “biting the hand that feeds you” on Amazon’s part, the choices would appear to be to keep the current domain and get rid of all Amazon associate links — which would require a bit of work on my part to search them all out and delete them — move to another non-kindle domain name, or just say “screw it” and close it down.

I’ll wait until I’m a bit less aggravated before making a decision.

6 thoughts on “KindleMinds blog may move, or just go away”

  1. That is really unfortunate. I would be pretty aggravated as well. I think it is a short-sighted decision on their part, alienating some of their biggest fans… but I will say that I have been subscribing to this blog for the last few months and I enjoy the content. I hope to hear that you decide to continue under a new name but I would certainly understand if you chose not to!

  2. Thanks to those who have emailed me asking me to keep this going. It’s great to know that you care and have found it useful. I’ll be keeping it going, though at this point I don’t know what the new domain name will be. Any suggestions? 🙂

  3. I know WordPress are doing the same thing, they’re forcing sites into using “WP” or changing the names entirely. You can see their point in ensuring the only websites containing Kindle are theirs, to protect their brand.

    Still, it doesn’t look great when they come after blogs and sites not trying to blatantly cash in on affiliates with rubbish content.

    What I am interested in, though, is why they are happy to let sites like run free, while trying to shut you down? Perhaps you should ask Amazon about that before caving in to their demands?

  4. I suspect KindleBoards will be getting the email soon, if not already. I registered a new domain yesterday which I’ll probably use, so keep an eye out for “breaking news” soon. 🙂

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