Kindle Clippings to CSV Converter

2013-08-04: fixed issues with parsing more recent file formats for newer Kindle versions.

Use this form to upload your Kindle clippings file in order to generate a CSV (comma-separated values) file (sorted by Title, Author, and Location #), which can then be used with most spreadsheet programs, loaded into a database, or whatever else you might want to do with the data.

To use this, connect your Kindle to your computer, then in the "Select File" field below, browse to your Kindle device and open the "documents" folder. In that folder, select the "My Clippings.txt" file, then click the "Upload Clippings" button. Wait a few seconds (depending on the size of your file), and if all goes well, you should then receive your CSV file to save/open as desired. (If opening up as a spreadsheet, specify comma as the field separater and the double-quote as the text delimiter, and UTF-8 as the character set.)

Privacy Policy: Your clippings file will not be saved anywhere by this web page. The data is parsed, output is created and sent back to you, and then discarded at this end. None of your data will ever be used by me nor shared with anyone else.

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