Blog Comments and Spam

Due to the recent number of “Spam” comments received on this blog, I have been forced to implement the restriction that all users must be registered and logged in before they can submit comments. Sorry for any inconvenience; once again you can thank the spamming scum of the world who do their best to ruin the interenet for the rest of us.

4 thoughts on “Blog Comments and Spam”

  1. I installed the Akismet plug-in today to see if it will stop most of the spam, and accordingly have unset the registration restriction for comments. We’ll see how that goes for awhile.

  2. Wow! As of this writing, 548 spam comments have been blocked by the Akismet plug-in. Almost makes me wonder if I should reinstate the registration requirement just to save bandwidth.

  3. I also use Akismet – I’ve not had it wrongly mark a spam comment or allow spam through yet. I do still check every couple of days though.

  4. In my continuing attempt to make life difficult on spammers while not making it too difficult on legitimate users, I’ve installed the Register Plus WordPress plug-in. Users will now be required to register before they can post comments, but the plug-in should make it easier to do so as no password or confirmation emails will be involved. I did turn on the “captcha” option, which while I dislike those things it should hopefully help stop spambots from registering. If they do, then I’ll up the ante by enabling the ReCaptcha option.

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