‘Making Money’ on Sale for $4.99

I just noticed (thanks, Sharon!) that Terry Pratchett’s Making Money is currently on sale at Amazon for only $4.99. (Most of the “Discworld” catalog is priced around the $7.99 price point.) As you likely know by now, I am a huge Terry Pratchett fan. I own all three dozen or so of his “Discworld” books in paper versions, but this is tempting me nonetheless, as I know I’ll want to re-read it in the future (probably multiple times), and with my poor old eyes it’s much easier to do so on my Kindle these days.

Anyway, instead of me telling you what Making Money is about and how great Pratchett’s writing is, I’ll let you decide for yourself via this Kindle for the Web thingamajig. (I will note that it is a sequel to Going Postal, but as with the vast majority of “Discworld” books, it is essentially a stand-alone novel that build upon but is not dependent on the earlier book.)